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Black August Memorial: an interview with Kasim Gero, Patuxent Prison

Published Friday July 29

Photo: Sfbayview

Gero is currently housed as an inmate at the Patuxent Institution in Jessup, Maryland.

The not edited answers to these questions are his added consent to this interview and dissemination of info in alignment with the mission of George Jackson University.

Emilia Ottoo: Please state your full name and the date of your responses.

My name is Kasim Gameli Oringo Gero, and this is the seven th of Wed Dec 31 1969

Emilia Ottoo: What is your focus going into this, your first Black August?

It’s invigorating to be alive right now. But in realizing what is to be done from my vantage point is very sobering.

Emilia Ottoo: What was your introduction to Black August?

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