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San Francisco's Bayview Opera House receives makeover share

Culture and politics – Abc7news Jul 20: Built in 1888. The sign refers to the section of… (more…)

Experts see some rents drop, vacancy rate up in San Francisco share

News – Abc7news Jul 20: He’s shocked; the rents are still high, but not out of reach. (more…)

Protesters arrested outside Republican National Convention in Cleveland share

Crime – Abc7news Jul 20: ABC News coverage of the Republican National Convention… (more…)

BART: Major delays after truck on tracks disrupts service between San Francisco, East Bay

Politics and traffic – Mercurynews Jul 20: Service was not moving into San Francisco or out of the city into the East Bay. (more…)

City distributes medication from vans following closure of mental health clinic

Dailycal Jul 20: “At this point, we’re providing all of the services we were before,” commented city spokesperson Matthai Chakko. “This isn’t a long-term solution… (more…)

Elon Musk sees pickups, semi-trucks, solar panels and ride-sharing in Tesla's future

Finance and traffic – Siliconvalley Jul 20: One of the biggest challenges in my opinion is not in the vision, but more on execution, remarked Ravi Manghani, director of energy storage at GTM Research. (more…)

Behind the Scenes at Samsung

SPUR Jul 20: Its bright, eye-catching design embraces the city’s vision of a more urban, walkable future. (more…)

Bank of the West Classic: Local boys and girls meet Atherton's CiCi Bellis

Eductaion and sport – Lengthy story in Mercurynews Jul 20: “I think one of the coolest things is that at one point we started off to change the high school graduation rates for the city of East Palo (more…)

Menlo Park: Council forms subcommittee to hash out Station 1300 details

Politics and news – Mercurynews Jul 20: MENLO PARK — At the request of Greenheart Land Co., the Menlo Park City Council this week created a subcommittee to help staff negotiate an agreement involving the developer’s proposed middle of the city project. (more…)

Cleveland gets ready for Republican National Convention

Traffic – Kron4 Jul 20: CLEVELAND — 2 days out from the official start of the Republican National Convention, security in middle of the city Cleveland appeared ready Sat with heavy metal barriers blocking streets as officials and residents hoped that a… (more…)

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Norman Lear explores social inequality in Epix docuseries

Timesheraldonline Jul 30: — Norman Lear, age 94 and a native Completely new Yorker, thought he knew a few things about the obstacles of housing in the Large Apple. (more…)

Vallejo police lieutenant takes San Pablo job

Timesheraldonline has a long article Jul 30: Fast-forward through the next seventeen years of working for his dad’s construction company, selling cars, and working for the USA postal service, DeJesus found himself as a 32-year-old police reserve in Vallejo after moving here in 1984 from San Francisco. (more…)

Fire On Track Shuts Down BART’s Walnut Creek Station

Sanfrancisco Cbslocal Jul 30: WALNUT CREEK — An equipment fire knocked a BART train out of service Sat and forced the closure of the Walnut Creek station, triggering huge delays, officials said. (more…)

Donald Trump attacks Muslim father's convention speech share

Politics – Abc7news Jul 30: With one hundred days left before the fall election, Hillary Clinton’s campaign bus wound its way through Donald Trump’s U.S. as the Republican nominee picked a whole new fight with the bereaved father of a Muslim Army captain. (more…)


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Historical Footage Of San Francisco: Amatuer Shot In The 1940's On 16mm Kodachrome

Youtube: Scenes from pre-World War II San Francisco. Shot In 16mm Kodachrome this amateur film includes shots of Mission Dolores, Cliff Property Golden Gate, Park Aquarium.

MDA versus Star of the Sea

Youtube: Fourth Grade MDA Girls Volleyball Team 2013. Mission Dolores Academy Versus Star of the Sea. Fri Oct 25 2013